(L - R) John Kaminskyj - Bass & Vocals, Mick Kee - Guitar & Vocals & Robbie Hargreaves - Drums.

Vendetta is a heavy rock band from Geelong, Australia that was founded by Mick Kee in October 1996.

For over 2 decades Vendetta has been delivering their brand of street-level heavy rock to audiences across Australia. With a wide variety of old school rock, metal and punk influences the band has forged a unique career and developed a sound that is all their own. Vendetta has released 3 albums, 2 EP’s and 7 Demo’s as well as having their music featured on various compilation CD’s released in Australia and around the World.

Vendetta made their live debut at the ‘Pako Fest Battle of the Bands’ in Geelong on Sunday the 2nd of March 1997. Since then Vendetta have played countless pubs, clubs, AA shows, interstate shows and even a hometown Arena show in Geelong on the band's 10th Anniversary. In September 2008 Vendetta made their live TV debut appearing on Channel 31's 'Asylum TV'. Over the years the band have shared stages with top artists such as The Butterfly Effect, Dreadnaught, Harmonic Generator, The White Room, The Red Shore, Teramaze, Bengal Tigers, Dreamkillers, The Badloves, Nick Barker and many more.