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Geelong, Australia

About :
Vendetta are an Australian heavy metal/rock band formed in Geelong, Victoria in 1996.

Biography :
Vendetta have been delivering their brand of street-level heavy rock to audiences across Australia for over 20 years. The band's sound is a melting pot of old school heavy metal mixed with hard rock influences and delivered with an in your face punk rock attitude. Vendetta have released 3 albums 'Underground Thunder' (2007), 'Backstab' (2011) & 'Devolve' (2017). The band have also released 2 EP's 'Standing Tall' (2014) & 'No Frills' (2016) as well as 5 demo CD's and various other recordings.

Band Members :
Mick Kee : Vocals/Guitar
John Kaminskyj : Bass/Vocals
Robbie Hargreaves : Drums
Timeline (Diary of a local band) :
  • 1996 : First seeds of the band are planted in April 1996 when a bunch of teenagers Mick Kee (Corrosive Spit/Detafohw), Dave Hateley (Detrafohw) & Matt Canham (Corrosive Spit/Tabatha's Hair), fed up with their previous bands decided to start a new 'Heavy' band. The band was finally fully formed in October 1996 and started jamming on Metallica covers as well as writing original songs. The original line up consisted of Mick Kee : Vocals, Matt Canham : Bass, Dion Brass : Drums, Brendan Franchina : Guitar and Lee Delabertauche : Guitar (Lee replacing Dave Hateley due to personal reasons).
  • 1997 : Vendetta's debut show saw the band play to thousands of people at the Pako Festa Battle of the bands (Geelong) in March 1997. One week later Vendetta entered SAE studios in St.Kilda to record their first 3 track demo tape titled 'The Last Requiem', this cassette was later released to positive reviews and would sell out a very limited 50 copies in 4 days from Bay City Collectables in Geelong (this demo also received the band's first ever air play on Geelong's community station 3YYR). The band would go on to play a bunch of shows at The Courthouse in Geelong as well as playing their first ever pub show at the Queen's Head Hotel (first original band to ever play this legendary venue). In October 1997 Dion Brass left the band and Brendan Franchina was dismissed, they were replaced by Tony Hayes (Drums) and Dave Hateley (Guitar).
  • 1998 : Vendetta started out the year playing shows at My Place Nightclub, The Barwon Club and Pako Fest 98. After recording the band's second demo 'Shotgun Therapy' in April 1998 Vendetta split up due to internal conflict between band members.
  • 2000 : In October 2000 Vendetta's second demo 'Shotgun Therapy' is released on CD and sells out 100 copies from Geelong music stores in 2 weeks. Due to the positive reaction the release of the CD received in December 2000 the previous band members get back together for a jam session to see if the band can be reformed, but the same tensions are still there. At this point it is decided that a new version of the band will need to be formed if Vendetta is to move forward.
  • 2002 : In December 2002 after 6 months of rehearsal with a new line up led by founding member Mick Kee the band entered Pan Studios in Geelong to record 8 songs for an upcoming album. The new line up consisted of Mick Kee : Vocals/Guitar, Dave Hateley : Guitar, Justin Macdonald : Drums and Richard Sargent : Bass (Richard joined a few weeks after the CD was recorded but was credited as bass player, Bass on the CD was played by Mick Kee). 
  • 2003 : In September 2003 Vendetta make their long awaited live return launching their new self titled 11 track CD. This CD featured the newly recorded 8 songs as well as 3 bonus tracks and sold out 200 copies at Vendetta live shows between September 2003 - April 2004. This CD was originally billed as the band's debut album but later (In 2006 during the recording of Underground Thunder) was demoted to demo status. The song 'Piss Weak Cunt' (originally appearing on the band's first demo tape in 1997) from this CD went to number 1 on the rock charts.
  •  2004 : In April 2004 Justin Macdonald was dismissed from the band and was replaced by Paul 'Trippa' Brooks, Dave Hateley has never officially left the band (and still plays with us once in a blue moon) but also stopped playing regularly with us at this time. In October 2004 Vendetta recorded their 4th demo 'Circle Of Hate' as a 3 piece. With the exception of the title track the musical direction of this release was misguided and lacked any resemblance to the previous recordings resulting in mixed reactions.
  • 2005 : Despite mixed reactions and bad reviews to their latest release the band decided to expand it's live territory by playing in Melbourne, Bendigo and surrounding area's, playing countless shows over the next 24 months. With the addition of a new band member Shane Bleazby on Guitar a 5th Demo CD (simply titled 'Promo CD') was released in August 2005. With the positive reviews this 2 track CD received the band was back on the right track.
  • 2006 : This year started off with Vendetta's song 'Hard As Hell' (from the 'Promo CD') being released world wide on a compilation CD titled 'Payola One' by Smashed Records in February 2006. This CD went to number 17 on the New Zealand CD's charts. Shortly after this Richard Sargent was dismissed and original Bass player Matt Canham returned to the band. Between March - September 2006 the band recorded their official debut full length album 'Underground Thunder' with producer and former band member Tony Hayes. The original plan with this album was to make a compilation CD featuring songs from all the previous demo's. 2 of the songs needed to be re-recorded and once they were done the decision to scrap the demo's and re-record everything was made. During the recording of this album Paul Brooks and Shane Bleazby left the band and were replaced by Steve Lemin (Guitar) and Geoff Crabbe (Drums). Tony Hayes played as a ghost musician on this recording with Steve Lemin and Geoff Crabbe being credited for those parts on the inside of the album cover (Underground Thunder was preformed by Mick Kee, Matt Canham and Tony Hayes).
  • 2007 : Vendetta started the year by playing a live Acoustic set on 3RRR's 'The Party Show'. Vendetta's debut album 'Underground Thunder' was released in February 2007 and went straight to number 1 on the Metal charts within days of it's release. Geoff Crabbe was replaced by Ben Shaw in Early 2007. In March 2007 Vendetta celebrated their 10 year anniversary by playing a show at their hometown Arena supporting The Butterfly Effect, this show was also the official CD launch of the album. Steve Lemin left the band soon after.
  • 2008 : Vendetta started the year as a 3 piece until being joined by former member/producer Tony Hayes who was now on Guitar. The band would play countless shows during 2008 (including the band's first interstate outing) as well as releasing their 6th demo 'The Hard Way' in April 2008. In September 2008 Vendetta made their TV debut on the Asylum TV show which airs on Channel 31, (these recordings would also be released online as an audio only download).
  • 2009 : In February 2009 Mick Kee released a compilation CD titled 'Riff It Up' featuring local bands from around the country, this CD features a Vendetta song 'Bring You Down'. The band started recording their second studio release 'Backstab' in mid 2009. Shortly after recording this album Matt Cahnam & Ben Shaw left the band.
  • 2011 : After a long recording process and a few line up changes which saw Colin Smith (drums) and a returning Richard Sargent (bass) join the band Vendetta returned to the live scene with a new album (Backstab was released in February 2011). In August 2011 Vendetta released their debut video clip for the song 'Demon's Mind', this clip aired on 'The Hard Rock Show', 'Isani TV' and 'Underground Sounds'. The song 'March' from the Backstab album was featured on Triple M's distortion giving the band their first ever commercial air play.
  • 2012 : In December Vendetta release a demo version of a song called 'Losing Control'.
  • 2014 : After 3 years of hard gigging Vendetta paused briefly to record their 'Standing Tall' EP. The title track 'Standing Tall' would end up appearing on a compilation (double) CD titled 'Nevermind the Warped Festival 2014'. This CD was accompanied by the 'Nevermind The Warped Tour Music Festival which the band played in December 2014.
  • 2015 : In February 2015 Vendetta record a live set at Musicland for a Vevo Pay Per View Special. Richard Sargeant left the band and was replaced by John Kaminskyj. In November 2015 Vendetta re-recorded 3 tracks at Greenman Studios in Barwon Heads to be released at a later date as 2 separate releases.
  • 2016 : In January 2016 Vendetta song 'Piss Weak Cunt' (re-recorded in 2015) is released on a compilation CD titled 'The Green Album' which is released as part of the 'Greenstock festival'. Vendetta begin recording their third full length album 'Devolve' in January 2016. Colin Smith leaves the band and is replaced by Robbie Hargreaves (Robbie Horan also joins on guitar for a short stint). The 'No Frills' EP was released online (featuring the 3 songs recorded at Greenman during 2015).
  • 2017 : Vendetta release their 3rd album 'Devolve' and release the first video from the album titled 'Back In the habit'. Vendetta also complete work on the long awaited 'Home Video's 1997 - 2017' due for release in late 2017.