Genre :

Geelong, Australia

About :
Vendetta are an Australian heavy metal/rock band formed in Geelong, Victoria in 1996.

Biography :
Vendetta have been delivering their brand of street-level heavy rock to audiences across Australia for over 20 years. The band's sound is a melting pot of old school heavy metal mixed with hard rock influences and delivered with an in your face punk rock attitude. Vendetta have released 3 albums 'Underground Thunder' (2007), 'Backstab' (2011) & 'Devolve' (2017). The band have also released 2 EP's 'Standing Tall' (2014) & 'No Frills' (2016) as well as 5 demo CD's and various other recordings.

Band Members :
Mick Kee : Vocals/Guitar
John Kaminskyj : Bass/Vocals
Robbie Hargreaves : Drums